Web Camera, Microphone and Speaker Tips

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Before Joining Your Session

From Inside Your Session

Safari Users

Tips to Remember


Before Joining Your Session

Before entering a session you can test your camera, microphone and speakers ensuring they are ready to be used in a Jigsaw session.




Click Test Camera to allow your camera.



Select your camera from the drop-down list, and click "Allow".



Once you allow your camera, the "Test Camera" changes to "Stop Camera" and the camera is enabled.



Note: Your Camera will be turned OFF when you join in the session.



By clicking the gear icon, you can further adjust the web camera settings such as camera selected, frames per second or resolution.



Click Test Microphone to allow your microphone.



Select your microphone from the drop-down list, and click "Allow".



Once you allow your microphone, the "Test Microphone" changes to "Stop Microphone" and the microphone is enabled. Begin speaking to test if your voice is detected. If the microphone is working, you will see the green bar fluctuate.




Click Test Speaker for confirmation that sound is played through your default speaker.




From Inside Your Session

There are two options for setting up your microphone and web came while inside your session.

Your browser could be blocking access.

1. If you see that your microphone and/or web cam are red in the Attendees List, this usually means the browser is blocking access to those tools.

2. You may notice an image of a camera with a red 'x' either at the end of the address bar or in the bar right above the Attendees List. Click that camera icon.



3. A message box will appear informing you that your microphone is blocked and requesting that the current page (Jigsaw) access. Click Always allow then click Done.



4. You may have to exit then reenter the session or just click the microphone next to your name in the Attendees List to "refresh" the page. The red 'x' should now be gone.



You may need to adjust your settings.

1. Click on your name or the gear icon by your name in the Attendees List.



2. Select Mic or Web Cam Settings



3. Select your microphone in the Microphone Settings box and/or your camera and quality in the Web Camera Settings box. Click Apply when finished.






1. Open Safari

2. Go to https://app.jigsawinteractive.com

3. Click the Safari menu and choose “Settings For This Website”



By default, the options will look like this:



4. Change the options to look like this:




Tips to Remember

  • The web cam you see for yourself in a session is the local stream.  This means it will always look like it has great quality.
    • However, if you try to send a video with large resolution or frame rate, you might see the quality lower because the media server may lower these for different reasons.
  • Check your camera settings in Jigsaw.
    • If you have set a maximum resolution or big frame rate, try lowering them and see if it will change the quality on your remote peers.
  • On the Landing Page, you can check your camera by yourself (Use Test Camera button).
    • The big camera is the remote stream, or what the other attendees will see, and the smaller camera is the local stream, or how you see your own camera in the session.
    • You are seeing both streams on this page so you can spot issues, or differences between the local stream and the remote stream, in advance and fine tune your camera settings.
    • As a rule, the remote stream will always be a lesser quality/frame rate than the local one because it has to go to the media server and then on to the other attendees.
  • Try testing a few times using both Chrome and Firefox to see if there are any consistent differences.  You may see one browser produces higher quality for your camera than the other.
  • Try using the same browser and settings, but with a different camera to see if the results are different.





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