Cancel a Recurring Session

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Cancel a Recurring Instance (one session)

Cancel a Recurring Master (all sessions)




Cancel a Recurring Instance

If you want to cancel a single session from a recurring session, you just need to find the date for that session in the Recurring Instance then cancel that Recurring Instance.  That allows you to cancel just that one session while leaving all other sessions for that Recurring Session scheduled.

1. Locate the Instance that needs to be canceled in the My Sessions screen.  Click Edit Session.



2. This will take you to the Details screen.  In the upper right-hand corner, click Cancel Session.



3. Enter a reason for cancelling the session and click OK.



You will receive an email confirming the cancellation and the Recurring Instance will be removed from the My Sessions screen.


Cancel a Recurring Master (All Sessions will be Cancelled)

If you need to cancel all instances in a Recurring Session, you do this by cancelling the Recurring Master.  By cancelling the Recurring Master, you will remove all instances at one time.

1. Locate the Recurring Master on the My Sessions screen and click Edit Session.



Now you will follow the same steps for cancelling as with the Recurring Instance.

Once cancelled, you will receive an email confirmation and the Master, as well as all Instances, will be removed from the My Sessions screen.


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