How to Cancel a Jigsaw Session

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Q:  What happens when you cancel a session in Jigsaw?

A:  Jigsaw will send the Host a cancellation email and the session is removed from Upcoming Sessions. Once a session is cancelled it cannot be restarted; however, any recordings associated with the session are maintained.  If selected, attendees will also receive a cancellation email.


Cancel a Session

1. Find the session you wish to cancel and choose the option Edit Session.   



2. Click the button Cancel Session.



3. The Cancel Session dialog box opens.  First, enter the details for cancelling the sessionNext, select whether to notify attendees of the cancellation (by default this is checked, if you do not want attendees to receive an email about the cancellation, uncheck this box).  Click OK to proceed.



4. Within a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation message.  When the confirmation message is displayed, click OK.  The session is removed from the Upcoming Sessions tab.



If recordings were made prior to cancelling the session, the system saves the recordings as normal under the Recorded Sessions tab.   



Invitees will receive a cancellation email if the Host has checked to notify attendees.



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