Logging Into Jigsaw Interactive

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Logging In

First Time User

Jigsaw Interactive Login Page:  https://app.jigsawinteractive.com/Account/Login


Logging In

Enter Email Id and Password.  Then click Log In.


There will be times when the login may detect suspicious activity and a verification is needed.  You will be asked to locate images from a verification screen.



If you enter an invalid combination of characters in the Password field 16 times, your account will be locked and your IP Address will be blocked.  This lock and block will remain in effect for 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes, you will be able to attempt to login again.  You can also reach out to Tech Support by submitting a ticket at New Ticket.


Once logged in, if your account is left unattended (not in use) in the background it will timeout after 9 hours of no activity.


First Time User

First Time User - If this is your first time using Jigsaw Interactive, create an online account profile by clicking Register Now.


Next, Complete the fields on the My Account form.  For a better user experience, complete the  Security Questions at the bottom of the form.  This will help if you ever forget your password.





Once the account is established, the Session screen will appear after logging in showing the list of sessions you have been invited to or have created.



For more information on joining a session, visit Joining a Jigsaw Interactive Session



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