Mobile Phones: Attendees List and Feedback

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Attendees List

Attendee's Settings


Attendees List

The Attendee List is the 5th icon located on the Navigation bar at the top of the Mobile Phone user's session screen. 

It provides the Phone user access to the list of Host/Co-Hosts and other Attendees in the session, as well as access to their own settings, microphone, web cam, and direct chat to other users.



Attendee's Settings

The settings gear located to the right of the attendee's name and at the bottom right of the Mobile Phone user's session window provides some important settings for the attendee to control.  The same menu can be accessed by clicking the Attendee's name.

Access_Settings.jpg Attendee_Settings.jpg

Microphone/Web Cam

The Microphone and Web Cam settings allows the attendee to select the microphone and web cam to use during the session.

Mic.jpg  AttendeeMic.png


Webcam.jpg  wc_settings.jpg



An attendee can select to be notified when a chat message is received.

notification.jpg  notification_settings.jpg


Step Away

If the attendee needs to step away from the session, clicking this will alert the host and/or co-host that the attendee is not currently participating in the session.  The attendee will see a message appear on the screen confirming the status is set to "Away" and a Step Away icon will appear next to the Attendee's name in the Attendees List.



Refresh My Connection

If the session freezes, the host adds assets, or there is a loss of connectivity, the attendee can attempt to reset the connection by clicking this option.  It will refresh the connection.  If this does not fix the issue, the attendee can attempt to leave the session and rejoin after a minimum of 3 minutes.



Go To Knowledge Base

This option will send the attendee to the Jigsaw Knowledge Base where Help Articles are located.




Exit Session

Choosing this option will allow the attendee to easily exit the session.




Attendees are able to provide feedback during the session.  Click on the Smiling Face in the bottom right of the session then select the appropriate Feedback Emoticon.



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