Mobile Phones: Using Pane 4

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Mobile Phone users access Pane 4 by going to the 4th icon in the Navigation bar at the top of the Mobile Phone Session screen.

Pane 4 provides access to the:

  • Whiteboard Pane_4_Whiteboard.jpg
    • Group Whiteboard
    • My Whiteboard
  • My Assets
    • My Attachments Pane_4_Attachments.jpg
    • My Audios Pane_4_Audio.jpg
    • My Documents Pane_4_Documents.jpg
    • My Presentations Pane_4_Presentations.jpg
    • My Videos Pane_4_Videos.jpg
    • My Web Links Pane_4_Web_Links.jpg



The Mobile Phone user has access to the Group and My Whiteboard.  When unlocked, the Phone user has access to and is able to use the Whiteboard Tools.



The Mobile Phone user has access to the My Assets when the Host or Co-Host releases Attachments, Audios, Documents, Presentations, Videos, and Web Links.




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