Using Noteboard on a Tablet (Attendee)

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Using Noteboard on a Tablet is basically the same as using it on the Desktop version of Jigsaw. The only difference is the placement of the keyboard on the screen of the Tablet.  To learn more about the Noteboard in Jigsaw, visit Noteboard.



Using the Noteboard

The Noteboard function basically the same as it does in the Desktop version of Jigsaw.  The only difference is that the Tablet's keyboard slides up from the bottom and the Noteboard box moves above the keyboard in the side panel so you can see the text as you type. 

First, click the Create New Note icon in the bottom left of the Noteboard panel.


1. Enter a title for your note (Optional).

2. Use the formatting toolbar to format the text of your note (Optional).

3. Type in the text of your note.

4. Click Save Note.



Export as PDF

Just as in the Desktop version of Jigsaw, you can Export as PDF on your Tablet.

1. Click the down arrow in the upper left of the Noteboard and select Export as PDF.



2. A preview of the Notes (Noteboard PDF Export) will appear.  Click Export as PDF to move to the final step.



3. The PDF settings window will appear.  Make sure you have the correct "Printer" selected.  If there is any text that has been highlighted, to make that appear select the Background Graphics option.  Then click Save.




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