Using Chat on a Tablet (Attendee)

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To learn more about Main Room Chat and Direct Chat, visit Chat.


Main Room and Direct Messaging works the same on the Tablet as on the Desktop version of Jigsaw.  The only difference you will see is the keyboard that appears on the screen when using a Tablet.



1. To begin typing a message, tap in the text box that is at the bottom of the Main Room or Direct Chat.



2. Your Tablet's keyboard will appear at the bottom of the screen while the Chat's text box will move upwards so you can see what you are typing.



3.  Your message will appear in the Chat.  This works the same whether it is a Main Room Chat or Direct Chat.



You also have the option to change your font settings in chat.  This offers the same options as in the Desktop version.

1. Click the down arrow in the upper left of the Chat window and select My Font Settings.



2. Select the settings to change how your text appears in chat.



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