Breakout Rooms for Attendees on Tablets

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Working in Breakout Rooms within Jigsaw is like small classrooms or groups.  Your host or presenter will create these rooms and assign you to one either before or during your session.

Here is some important information you should know when working in a Breakout Room.

Microphones and Web Cams

Your microphones and web cams will work the same as they do in the Main Room of Jigsaw.  One thing to note is that whatever state your mic and web cam are in at the time you move from the Main Room to the Breakout Room, will be the state the device is in in the Breakout Room. 

For example:  You are in the Main Room of your session with your mic turned on and your web cam turned off.  Your host moves you to a Breakout Room.  Your mic will still be turned on and your web cam turned off once in the Breakout Room.




Chat from the Breakout Room

You can send a chat message to the group that is inside the same Breakout Room as you.  You can also send a Direct Chat to your Host or Presenter even if they are in a different room.  It works the same as if you were in the same room.  Just click the chat bubble by their name and the Direct Chat box will open in the Side Panel.



Exiting the Breakout Room

To exit the Breakout Room and return to the Main Room of your Jigsaw session, click the X by the name of the Breakout Room in the Attendee List.  You will immediately be taken back to the Main Room.




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