Mobile Phone Schematics

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Jigsaw is accessible using Mobile Phones (Android and iPhones).  Android Phone users connect via Chrome, while iPhone users connect via Safari.

Jigsaw appears as individual panes on Mobile Phone devices.  The visible pane is controlled two ways:

  • The Mobile Phone user can click the Pane Icon located at the top of the screen on the Navigation bar to change the visible pane OR
  • The Host or Co-Host uses the Maximize All for a Pane which causes the pane to become visible for the Mobile Phone user




Moving Between Panes

To activate the different panes, the Mobile Phone user will click the icon for the Pane to be viewed.  The user will also be notified when new content is ready to be viewable by seeing a yellow dot appear at the top of the Pane's icon.  If the Host has set up a session or a Breakout Room with specific panes visible, the icons for the panes not visible will not appear in the Navigation bar.




See Jigsaw Mobile in action:



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