Session Branding

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Session Branding is available to any organization using Jigsaw.  For more information on how to add this to your Jigsaw package, contact your Sales Representative.


Jigsaw Interactive Session Branding Specifications:


1. The same logo appears in three locations: Landing page, Exit page, and within the Jigsaw session, which will appear on a WHITE background. 

  • One logo design in a vector .svg file is required for branding to ensure when scaling that all aspects of the logo are preserved. 



2. Within the session, the same logo will appear in three locations:  Above the Attendee List, Pane 1 when there is no presenter image or when Audios are playing, and Pane 4 when Audios are playing.



3. The logo will stand on a white background within the session. This is a rectangle space with curved ends, so Jigsaw recommends a logo that will fit better in a "rectangular" space.  




The Color Choices for your Landing/Exit Pages and the Pane Title Colors can be the same.  The option is up to you.

1.  Landing/Exit Page (Background only) -  Provide a "first" and "second" choice option using RGB, HSL or HEX color description from your company's branding color palette. 




2. Pane Title Colors  - Provide a "first" and "second" choice option using RGB, HSL or HEX color description from your company's branding color palette. 





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