Asset Retention Policy

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Jigsaw provides a content management library and an archiving capability within this agreement.  Customer is entitled to a specific amount of storage space, identified in this proposal, to house archived sessions, recordings and assets.  The following represents the automatic management of these files and sessions. 

  • SSR - Server Side Recordings:  These recordings will be deleted 6 months after they have been last viewed.   Our SSR feature allows the ability to download these recordings and post them to a client’s YouTube channels or anywhere a client chooses. 
  • Assets:  All Company created and uploaded assets will remain active and available for 1 year from the date it was last used.  After one year, these assets will be automatically deleted from the Jigsaw server.  Assets include any document, video, image, presentations, etc. that are loaded into Jigsaw or that are created as a result of activities within a Jigsaw session.
  • Sessions:  All sessions will be deleted from the Jigsaw server one year from the last date of activity.  This includes all reports associated with the session.

Please note that your actual storage does not impact our removing assets, all assets aged based on the above schedule will be removed unless we hear from you in writing that you need an exception.

Session & Data Identification for Deletion


Accessible for:

SSR - Server Side Recordings

6 months from date it was last viewed


1 year from date it was last used


1 year from last date of activity


Uses the timeframe from sessions


Clients can choose to extend the life of sessions or assets by contacting their sales representative.  Client acknowledges additional fees may apply based on their storage availability. 



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