Using Sibling EMail Addresses

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The use of a plus sign ("+") in an email address can be very useful.  Some common mail server systems will deliver mail addressed to "" as though they are addressed to "".  The "+tag" portion of the email address can then be used both for filtering mail and for screening it.

Filtering is the simplest application to take advantage of plus signs.  This makes it easy for the email application to sort and filter based on the tag used.

Screening is a useful way of avoiding spam and/or other unwanted correspondence.


One example is when a family has one email but several children enrolled in a school.  The family may choose to register the children under one email but needs each child to have a separate profile.  To use the sibling email method, the family would create profiles with the following email examples:


This would create a separate profile for each child while being allowing the parents to receive emails at the same email address for all children.

The use of a sibling email can be used anywhere a host may add an attendee or an individual may join or sign in (register for an account).  When using a sibling email (any email address with a +tag), it will be considered a separate profile from the non-tagged email.  This means you can have an infinite number of profiles using the same email and various +tags (i.e.,,,

  • Creating a New Profile (First Time User)
  • Joining a Session as a Guest
  • Host or Co-Host Adding an Attendee or Co-Host to the Attendee Database
  • Host or Co-Host Adding an Attendee or Co-Host tot the Session
  • Inviting an Attendee from Within the Session



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