Jigsaw System Requirements

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Attend a session - anytime or anywhere - using a compatible computer, tablet, or mobile device and with proper connectivity!

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Jigsaw Requirements to attend a session

Jigsaw Network Requirements

Operating Systems:

  • Windows: 8 - 11
  • MacOS: Mavericks - Monterey
  • Chrome OS: Chromebook Learn More

Web Browsers:

We always suggest the most current versions for optimal performance. Jigsaw supports the latest 3 browser versions.  For a list of the most current Browser Versions, visit What is the latest version of my browser?

You can always check your browser version by visiting What browser am I using?

Internet Connection

  • Facilitator - 1.5 Mbps or better (broadband is recommended for optimal performance)
  • Attendee - 1.0 Mbps
  • All Participants - Latency = 50 ms or less, Ping = 50 ms or less and Jitter = 30 ms or less. The closer to 0 ms is better.

Hardware: (Minimum Requirements)

  • Processor: Multi-Core
  • OS: 64 bit
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Graphics: Dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU) with 1024x768 minimum resolution)
  • Microphone with noise cancellation and speakers (USB headset is recommended)
  • Webcam (Optional)


  • Android
    • 8" screen size or larger
    • OS 7.0 or newer
    • Most recent versions of Google Chrome
  • iPad Requirements:
    • OS: iOS 13
    • Browser: Safari
      • Safari 13 Minimum
      • To update Safari on your iPad, visit Updating iPad.
    • iPad Models:
      • Air 2
      • Air 3rd Generation
      • Mini 4
      • Mini 5th Generation
      • iPad 5th Generation
      • iPad 6th Generation
      • 9.7-inch Pro
      • 10.5-inch Pro
      • 11-inch Pro
      • 12.9-inch Pro

For more information on Tablets in Jigsaw visit Tablet Specs.


Screen Sharing

In order to Screen Share (or use the Insert Screenshot tool or copy/paste on the Whiteboard), you will want to install the Jigsaw App. This can be performed on the Test Your Computer page.
These are currently supported in Chrome and Firefox only. So, if these Jigsaw tools are important to you, please join the session using Chrome or Firefox.

Screen Sharing alone is supported in the Chrome and Edge browsers without installing the Jigsaw App.  See Screen Sharing via Browser for more information.

  • Jigsaw App
    • Minimal Operating System Requirements are:
      • Windows 7
      • macOS 10.12.1
  • Jigsaw Desktop Sharing Extension (Optional)
  • Supported Browsers: Chrome or Firefox

Learn More

Ways to Join A Session

  • Join from a web browser (no download)
  • Join from a tablet (no download)


ADDITIONAL TIP: Bandwidth and Testing

A proper Internet connection is required to successfully use Jigsaw. The bandwidth specs will vary based upon your role during the session, Presenter or Attendee, but should be within the ranges outlined. These base speeds are guidelines as there are many factors that determine a "good" connection. For optimal results, use a wired connection. Wireless/WiFi can vary in strength and may result in audio/video delays. And, Hot Spots are very unstable in connectivity and will most likely result in audio and/or video delays.

  • Download Speed – The maximum quantity of information that can be received by your computer from the Internet.
  • Upload Speed – The maximum quantity of information that can be sent by your computer to the Internet.
  • Ping – determines the delay between your computer and your network provider’s. Ping Rate to the Media Server is tested every 10 seconds.
  • Latency - the time it takes for a packet of data to make a round trip between two designated points.
    • Jigsaw is set to inform the user when Latency values reach a certain strength that may cause a less than desirable experience in Jigsaw. 
    • 9/20/2021:  Temporarily disabled as we work on speed and efficiency based on Media Room Latency.  The user's name in the Attendee's List will turn:
      • Orange when the Latency > 450 ms
      • Red when the Latency > 1050 ms
  • Jitter – the variation over time of the latency across a network.

There are many factors that can contribute to a pleasant or challenging online experience with Jigsaw. The Jigsaw application is a live online tool requiring an uninterrupted connection. This is especially critical when watching videos, screen sharing, talking, or streaming webcams because these are live feeds. These outside factors must be considered for proper connectivity.

The Presenter and Attendees must ensure they are using the optimal:

  • Bandwidth - poor connections lead to application delays such as audio, chatting, web stream etc. For optimal results especially if you're a Presenter, use a wired connection. Wireless (WIFI) can vary in strength and may result in audio/video delays as well as other application delays.
  • CPU Power - as you increase the amount of video streaming in the session, the more CPU power becomes required. Typically, mobile devices such as tablets and mini computers used for surfing the web have the least processing power. Jigsaw recommends that no more than 2 video streams be active when using these types of devices.



Run 25 simultaneous webcams provided an attendee has the available network bandwidth to support the usage.

For more tips on using your Web Cam, visit Web Camera, Microphone, and Speaker Tips.




See How to Install the Jigsaw App for details.

Note: Jigsaw recommends the resolution for the sharer to be no greater than 1280 x 720.

Learn More Best Practices



Please see VPN information under Firefox.


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