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Adding Camera Backgrounds

1.  To add camera backgrounds to be used in sessions, click the Profile Icon in the upper right corner of your Jigsaw Account and select Manage Account.

2. Click the Camera Backgrounds tab.



3. Click the plus.jpg to select images to upload



4. Click Browse for file to locate the images to add then click Upload. 

Please Note: 

  • Currently, you can only upload images with file extensions with .jpg and .png (lower case).
  • Size Limitation:  No larger than 4:3 ratio (larger than this will result in the background being cut off in the camera view)


5. Once finished uploading, click Close.



Assigning Camera Backgrounds

Your Camera Backgrounds will now appear on the page.  You can select who will see them in the session by clicking the boxes under 'Attendee' and/or 'Host'. 


If the box under Host is set, only the Host will be able to use the background.  If the box under Attendee is set, the Attendee will be able to use the background.  If both are set, all users in the session will be able to use the background.


Deleting Camera Backgrounds

To remove/delete a background, check the box in front of the image and click the  sign at the bottom of the page.



Choose a Background in a Session

1. When joining a session, turn on your Web Cam.

2. Click your name and select Web Cam.



3. Click Choose Camera Background



4. Select the Background to use in your Web Cam.  The Remove.jpg will remove a Background applied.  The Blur.jpg blurs the background of the Web Cam. 



5. Then click Apply.


Please Note:  The Camera Backgrounds will not work/appear in a Test Room.  Your selected background will re-appear once you move back to a Breakout Room or the Main Room.


Add-On Note:  As of September 24, 2021, this feature can be added.  For more information, contact your Sales Representative.



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