Version 5.26.0


Application Enhancements

  • Reports - Added the report name to each of individual downloaded files.


Other Fixes and Updates


Fix/Update Session Recording Applied a fix to so that the session recording is available on Desktop only. 6616
Fix/Update Whiteboard Applied a fix to properly update images for the Whiteboard in a room. 6761
Fix/Update Assessments/Polls Applied a fix so only the edited Poll shows when edited within the session. 9136
Fix/Update Chat Applied a fix so an Attendee is unable to delete their own chat messages when the Chat is locked. 9334
Fix/Update Chat Applied a fix so the Clear All is not appearing in the Direct Chat History window when filters have not been set. 9335
Fix/Update Assets Applied a fix to prevent duplicated records from appearing when adding Assets to the Asset Library. 9452
Fix/Update Chat Applied a fix to prevent the 'Forbidden Restricted Access' from appearing when a Phone Audio user types in the Chat. 9455
Fix/Update Chat Applied a fix so Group Chat loads even if the Host/Co-Host has not visited a room yet. 9456
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