Assessments Overview


Jigsaw Interactive offers a variety of Scored and Non-Scored Assessment options for Hosts/Co-Hosts to assess or survey users in a session.

Non-Scored Assessment options include Surveys, Polls, and Instant Polls.  Scored Assessment includes Quizzes.  Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes must be created when setting up or editing a session.  Instant Polls can be created when setting up or editing a session or from within a session.  Creating the Assessment when setting up or editing a session allows the Host/Co-Host to focus on delivering the content while in the session.

  • All Users are able to move the Instant Poll window around within the session after a Host/Co-Host starts an Instant Poll.


Assessment Type Scored Anonymous Visible in Pane 3 Create from Asset Library Create in Session
Instant Poll No No No Yes Yes
Poll No No Yes Yes No
Quiz Yes No Yes Yes No
Survey No Yes Yes Yes No





Instant Poll














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