Anonymizing Users

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There are times when names in a session recording need to be anonymized such as with FERPA compliance. In a Live Session, the names would appear normal so the Host/Co-Host, and other Attendees, will be able to personalize the Session.  However, in the recording, the name(s) would appear as Host, Co-Host, or Attendee based on the Session Setting.  

There are 3 options for an organization to choose from:

  • Do not anonymize
    • All names will appear in recording as they appear in the session
  • Anonymize attendees only
    • Host and Co-Host names appear in the recording as they appear in the session; however, Attendees appear as "Attendee" in the recording
  • Anonymize everyone
    • The Host appears as Host, the Co-Host appears as Co-Host, and Attendees appear as Attendee in the recording


Please Note:  Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information about enabling this feature.


Names will appear anonymized in the following Session areas of the recording:

  • Attendee List



  • Chat



  • Noteboard



  • Web Cam (Pane 1)



  • Breakout Rooms
    • The same areas in the Main Room appear anonymized in the Breakout Room.


Based on the Anonymization Setting selected, the Host or Co-Host will see a Warning Message when the recording is activated.  The Warning Message will appear similar to the one below:






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