Personal Web Cam Recording in Pane 1


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How to Record

Where to Find Recordings



Q: What is personal web cam recording?

A:  A feature Jigsaw tool that allows the presenter to record live web cams.  This was previously known as Role-Play Recording.  This is an Add-On feature, so reach out to your Account Manager for more information.


Q:  How many web cams may be recorded?

A:  Jigsaw will record 25 simultaneous recordings.  Only 25 web cams can be on in a room at a time.


How To Record

1. The user will need to enable the web cam either by clicking the Web Cam icon at the top of Pane 1 or next to their name under the Attendees List.

EnableWebCamPane1.jpg    EnableWebCam.jpg


2. Once the web cam is "on", their icon turns green and can be seen by all attendees.



3. From the perspective of the current Presenter, a white "rec" button is visible in the top right corner of each web cam that is running. Click the "rec" button.



4. Name the recording and click Start to begin recording that user's web cam.



5. To stop the recording, simply click the green "rec" button.



Please Note: 

  • When recording Personal Web Cams in a Test Room, there will be no audio captured since audio is not available in Test Rooms.
  • If using Phone Audio/Conference Line in the session, Personal Web Cam Recording will not capture a user's audio who is attending via Phone Audio.
  • When recording Personal Web Cams in a Breakout Room/Test Room, the final recording appears in the Main Room Video list in Pane 1.  These do not currently appear in the Breakout Room where they were recorded.  This will be coming soon.  Currently, you can add the recording to the Breakout Room Assets for that specific Breakout Room.


Where to Locate Recordings

1. Allow the recording a few seconds or minutes depending upon the length of the recording to render. Once rendered, you will need to go to the Global Attendee Options and click Refresh Assets to locate them in Pane 1 under Videos.



2. Once the video is available in Pane 1, the Host and/or Current Presenter may “release” it to all session attendees.



3. And, these are also available in My Videos located in Pane 4.




Note: If the recording displays in Pane 1 but not in Pane 4 under “My Videos”, simply go to Refresh Assets under the Global Attendee Options to refresh the asset list.

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