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MathEditor Toolbars

Selecting a Toolbar

Using the Insert Equation Tool


Please Note:  The Insert Equation Tool is an Add-On Feature.  Please reach out to your Account Manager or to Sales to discuss adding this tool to your company or organization's sessions.


MathEditor Toolbars

The Insert Equation Tool (or MathEditor Toolbar) is located in the Annotation Toolbar and the Whiteboard Toolbar.  The Insert Equation Tool has a variety of toolbars available for different grade levels:

  • Default (General)


  • Simple


  • Grades 3-5


  • Grades 6-8


  • Grades 9-12




Selecting a Toolbar

Once a company or institution has added the Insert Equation Tool, Hosts are able to select the MathEditor Type on the Settings screen (Screen 2) when setting up a session.  This can be changed after a session has been created.

1. When creating or editing a session, go to Screen 2:  Settings and scroll to the bottom to view the MathEditor Types.



2. Select Default, Simple, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, or Grades 9-12 for the toolbar that is best suited for your session.



3. When you join your session, the toolbar selected will appear in the Whiteboard Tools and the Annotation Toolbar for Pane 2.



Using the Insert Equation Tool

Whiteboard Tools

Annotation Toolbar

Handwriting Mode



Whiteboard Tools

The Whiteboard Tools are available to the Host and Co-Host at all times.  The Host or Co-Host will need to unlock the Whiteboard Tools for other attendees.  There is more information on the Whiteboard and how to unlock for attendees in the Pane 4:  Available Tools article.


From the Whiteboard, the Insert Equation Tools looks like a square root sign MathToolIcon.jpg

1. The user clicks the Insert Equation Tool or right-click on the Whiteboard and select Insert Equation Here to open MathEditor.



2.  The user finds the symbol, sign, etc. that is needed and clicks to add it to the MathType screen.  Anything placed on the screen is what will appear on the Whiteboard when finished.  For any equation/symbol that needs a number, simply click in the box that appears in the editing screen and type the number.  It will replace the box.



3. Click OK to add the added math equations/signs to the Whiteboard.




Annotation Toolbar

Annotations must be unlocked for everyone, this includes the Host/Co-Host.  For the Host, this is done in the Pane 2 Document or Presentation menu by clicking Turn on Annotations.  You can find out more about this by visiting Pane 2:  Available Tools.

Once annotations are turned on in Pane 2 (the host will see the Annotation Toolbar in Pane 2), the Host or Co-Host will need to grant permission for the rest of the attendees.  You can find more information on how this is done by visiting Pane 2:  Available Tools.

1. Once the Annotations are turned on, the user will click the Insert Equation Tool MathToolIcon.jpg on the Annotation Toolbar.



2. The MathType will appear on the screen.



3. The user will locate and click on the math signs, symbols, etc. to insert them in the MathType.  For any equation/symbol that needs a number, simply click in the box that appears in the editing screen and type the number.  It will replace the box.



4. When finished, click OK to transfer the work from the MathType to the Document or Presentation.



Handwriting Mode

With a touchscreen or mouse, the user can switch to Handwriting Mode on the MathType tool.

Handwriting Mode



  1. Undo
  2. Redo
  3. Trash (Clears the screen)
  4. Help
  5. Tab Mode
  6. MathType Screen
  7. Translation


1. Once the tool is open, click on the Handwriting Mode button hdwt.jpg on the right of the box.



2. Using the mouse or the screen (if touchscreen-capable), draw on the MathType screen.  MathType will translate what you have drawn/written into text.



3. Continue by clicking OK to add the interpreted text to the Whiteboard, Document, or Presentation.  Or if additional information is needed, click the Keyboard icon to return to the Classic View Mode to continue editing. 



To edit a Math Equation or Statement entered on a Document, Presentation, or Whiteboard, double-click it or select it and click the Pencil in the bottom right corner of the Pane where it is located.  This will open the MathType screen.



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