Qwik Tip - Quick Move

A feature to allow easier navigation from Main Room to Breakout Rooms for all attendees, including the Host & Co-Host, is the Quick Move drop-down menu. 



How to Use Quick Move

  • When the BORs are set up and Attendees are given permission to move freely between rooms, they will see a List View icon at the top of the Attendees List. 
  • The rooms available to the attendee will appear.
  • The attendee selects the room and will automatically be moved to that room.
  • When ready to move back to the Main Room or a different room, repeat the steps.


Why Quick Move?

There are several scenarios where the Quick Move is convenient over a Host/Co-Host moving attendees one-by-one, asking the Attendees to move themselves by dragging and dropping into the room, or the Host/Co-Host dragging themselves into each room as needed.

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences:  Students and/or Parents are able to open the Quick Move drop-down menu to select the teacher's room to discuss the student's progress.  When finished, the student/parent can easily select a new teacher from the Quick Move drop-down menu to move to another room.
  • Specialized Topics in a Session:  A Host could have BORs set up to cover various topics in a class where the students can move from room to room to get assistance or to work on that specific topic.
  • Training Topics:  BORs can be set up to cover various training topics for a company.  The attendees can move in and out of BORs to get the information from the presenters.
  • New Employees:  BORs can be set up to cover the different topics for new employees (W4 paperwork, insurance, holidays/vacation, etc.) and new employees can use the Quick Move drop-down menu to move from room to room to get the information they need.



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