How to Edit a Jigsaw Session


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Editing a Session

Real-Time Session Edits



Q:  After a session is created, can it be edited?  

A:  Yes, the Session DetailsInvitation List, and Session Assets may be edited.


Q:  Can I make edits to a session while the session is being used?

A:  You can edit the Invitation List and/or Session Assets and those are real-time edits.  If changes are made to the Session Details page, all users should exit the session and rejoin for changes to appear. 




1. Find the session and choose Edit Session.  This will bring up the Session Details page.



2. To edit Session settings, Assets, or Attendees click the corresponding button to be taken to that section.





If you are actually in the session at the time you have added or removed assets, be sure and Refresh the session for the assets to update.

Click the Host Menu button and select Refresh Assets.





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