Security When Using Session Link - Password Not Required


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For added security, Jigsaw has applied new rules around the Invite Option: Session Link - Password NOT Required.



Here's How It Works

1 - When a user clicks this type of session link, they will be prompted to enter their email id.



2 - If the email id entered is a Host account, the Host is prompted for their password.

3 - If the email id entered was invited to the session in the role of a Presenter and that email id has a valid Jigsaw Profile Account associated to it, the Presenter is prompted for their Login password.



This allows a more secure log in process for Hosts and Presenters with valid Jigsaw Profile Accounts.

4 - However, if a valid Jigsaw Profile Account is not associated with the email, the user is not required to enter a password.

This allows the user a quick and simple one click access without requiring that user to complete a Jigsaw Profile Account.

5 - They will see the normal "Join" button to join the session.


What Happens When Someone Attempts to Access the Session With the Host or Presenter's Email?

By requiring a password for valid Host and Presenter accounts, this adds a level of security to ensure that only the Host and/or Presenter can join the session with their email id.

1- After three incorrect login attempts using the Host or Presenter's email id, the user will receive a CAPTCHA on the Login screen.  They have three attempts to log in.

2 - On the CAPTCHA screen, the user will have three additional attempts to log in. If they are unsuccessful, they will see the message: "The Email and Password combination is invalid. Please try again."


3 - If the CAPTCHA is entered incorrectly, the count for the number of attempts is started over.  Meaning, if the user was on the third attempt and entered the CAPTCHA incorrectly, the user will get three more attempts.



4 - After six consecutive attempts, the user's access into this session is locked for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes, the user will be able to attempt to log in again.



5 - Jigsaw Administration will notify the user whose email has been used to alert them that an attempt was made to log in to their Jigsaw Interactive account. If this log in attempt was done in error, the user can simply contact Jigsaw Technical Support for additional assistance.




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