Qwik Tip - SSR (Server Side Recording)

You need to record your session but exactly how and what is recorded?


Let's discuss the How first.

1. Once you are in your session, you are going to see the letter 'R' in a circle at the bottom of the Jigsaw session.  Click that 'R'.

2. A box will appear at the top of the session for you to name the recording.  It automatically fills in with the name of the session.  You can keep that name or edit it as you see fit.  Click Start when ready.

3.  A message will appear in the bottom left corner that says "Recording in room 'Main Room' initializing" and the Record button will show a countdown clock.  It typically does not take the full time to begin recording.

4.  Once the recording begins, another message will appear in the bottom left corner that says "Recording in room 'Main Room' is in progress" and the R button turns green.

5.  You can stop the recording at any time by clicking the R green button at the bottom of the Jigsaw session.  This will completely stop the recording and it will begin the conversion process.  You cannot pause a recording.



What is recorded?

1. Everything that you show in each of the four panes will be recorded.  If you show a video in Pane 1, it is recorded.  If you share Web Cams (this includes any attendee's web cam), it will record those web cams.  If you show a presentation or screen share in Pane 2, it is recorded.  If you copy and paste or write on the Whiteboard, this is recorded. 

2. When attendees chat, the chat is recorded.  It will also record when it recognizes someone is typing.

3. Notes are recorded, but when you watch the recording, you cannot click a note to make it larger.

4. When the mics are used, the voices are recorded.

So, basically, your session is recorded so that it is like anyone watching was there.  They will even try to type in chat to answer your questions.




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