Comparison: Jigsaw 4 and Jigsaw 5


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Jigsaw 4



Jigsaw 5



Comparison Chart

Feature/Tool Jigsaw 4 Jigsaw 5
Join Session Home Page, Login, My Sessions Page, Link Home Page, Login, My Sessions Page, Any Edit Page from the Session, Link
Session Banner Alert (Time Zone Info) N/A Yes
Access to Microphone Test Page and Flash Prompts Test Page, Landing Page Prior to Joining
Web Cam Start Test Page and Flash Prompts Test Page, Landing Page Prior to Joining
Test for Web Cam and Mic When Joining (Landing Page) N/A Yes
Apply a Layout N/A Yes
Ability to Save a Layout N/A Yes
Pane 1 Floating Web Cam when Pane is expanded N/A Yes
Pane 1 Web Cam - Does the minimize Pop-up appear? N/A Yes
Pane 1 Web Cam - Does Show Overlay Video appear in Task Bar? N/A Yes
Pane 1 Web Cam - Row of smaller web cams below that scrolls N/A Yes
Pane 1 Web Cam Grid/Horizontal/Vertical Views Controlled by Attendee Controlled by Host/Presenter
Pane 1 Host/Presenter can Release Audios N/A Yes
Pane 2 App/Extension Yes App only/Extension not required
Pane 3 Map Yes Not Currently
Pane 3 Notes Yes Moved to bottom right corner
Pane 3 Survey Yes Yes
Pane 4 My Attachments Was in lower right-hand corner Yes
Panes and Panels - Resize (Ability to turn a 4-Pane into a 3-Pane, 2-Pane, 1-Pane while in a session) N/A Yes
Sidebar Move left to right N/A Yes
Attendees List Unpin N/A Yes
Chat Unpin N/A Yes
Noteboard N/A Yes
Sidebar Panels Unpin N/A Yes
Global - Enable/Disable Web Cams Disable, but not Enable Yes
Global - Allow Only One Mic/Allow Multiple Mics Yes (Push-to-Talk) Yes
View Feedback Limited, Viewable in Toolbar Enhanced with Summary Feedback in new window and Copy to Whiteboard
Clear Feedback Clear for One or All from the Toolbar Host/Presenter can clear via Feedback Summary screen or click Feedback emoji next to Attendee's name
Send Room Check on Toolbar Global Attendee Options
Global:  Apply Layout N/A Yes
Global:  Reset Layout N/A Yes
Invite Guest to Session Always visible in Attendee List In Global Attendee Options - Turn on and off as needed
Timer Settings Settings on Toolbar Global Attendee Options
Remove from Session Attendee List Individual Attendee Settings
Attendee Settings - Report a Bug N/A Yes
Chat - Font Settings N/A Yes
Chat - Foreign Languages N/A Yes
Chat - See who is typing N/A Yes
Tablet Access (Android and iPad) N/A Yes
OnDemand Yes Coming Soon
Call Me Feature Yes Yes
Captioner Yes A similar tool is Coming Soon




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