iPad Specifications

iPad Requirements:

  • OS: iOS 12.2 or Newer
  • Browser: Safari
    • Most recent two versions of Safari
    • To update Safari on your iPad, visit Updating iPad.
  • iPad Models:
    • 5th Generation (2017)
    • 6th Generation (2018)
    • Air 2
    • Air (2019)
    • Mini 2
    • Mini 3
    • Mini 4
    • Mini (2019)
    • 9.7-inch Pro
    • 10.5-inch Pro
    • 11-inch Pro
    • 12.9-inch Pro
    • 12.9-inch 2G Pro
    • 12.9-inch 3G Pro



While attendees will use Safari to join sessions from an iPad, there are some features that work slightly different or are not capable of functioning on a mobile device.


Pane 1: Web Cam X  
Pane 1: Video X  
Pane 1: Audio X  
Pane 2: Screen Share   X
Pane 2: Presentations X  
Pane 2: Annotate on Presentations X  
Pane 2: Save as PDF (Annotated Presentations   X
Pane 2: Documents X  
Pane 2: Annotate on Documents X  
Pane 2: Save as PDF (Annotated Documents)   X
Pane 3: Images X  
Pane 4: Whiteboard X  
Pane 4: Whiteboard Tools (all except Insert Image, Insert Screenshot, & Insert Background) X  
Pane 4: Save as PDF (Whiteboard)   X
Pane 4: My Attachments* X  
Pane 4: My Audio X  
Pane 4: My Documents X  
Pane 4: My Presentations X  
Pane 4: My Videos X  
Pane 4: My Web Links X  
Maximize Me X  
Side Panel: Move X  
Side Panel: Hide X  
Unpin Panels   X
Attendee Settings: Notifications*   X
Attendee Settings: Step Away X  
Attendee Settings: Report a Bug X  
Attendee Settings: Knowledge Base X  
Feedback X  
Answer Polls X  
Noteboard X  
Noteboard: Create New Note X  
Noteboard: Export as PDF* X  
Chat X  
Chat: Font Settings X  



My Attachments

When there are assets released as attachments, they will show as My Attachments in Pane 4. These assets are downloadable so you can save them to view later. On a tablet, you will see them open in a separate tab in Safari. There is a Share icon at the top of the browser that you will click to save in a designated location.

1. Click on the asset that you want to download from My Attachments.



2. The asset will open in a new tab.



3. Click the Share tab and select the app where you want to save the asset.





You will be able to open the Notifications alert to turn off the alert that sounds when a chat message is received. However, when enabled you will not hear a sound when a chat is received.




Noteboard - Export as PDF

After notes have been added to the Noteboard, you may want to export those notes as a PDF.

1. The asset will open in a new tab.



2. Click the Share tab and select the app where you want to save the asset.




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