Chrome 76 and Updates for Flash

Chrome released version 76 and in this release there are changes to how Chrome is requiring you to allow Flash in the browser. Please note, this impacts Jigsaw 4 attendees only.


Chrome no longer provides you with an "Ask" option for Flash. It defaults to block.



When you go to join a session it pops up its momentary content blocked warning on the right side of the address bar.



Click on the lock icon to the left of the address bar to allow the content. This behavior is the same as you currently do today in Chrome when allowing Flash.



Once you have "allowed",  you will need to refresh the page. Next, you will join your session again. The first time you will need to allow camera and microphone and also set "allow" in the flash pop up.

Note: The Chrome browser will no longer remember your "allow" selection so this means each time that you join a Jigsaw 4 session, Chrome will prompt you with this message.



For additional details on Chrome's release schedule:


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