J5 - Tablet Specs

Mobile users can access Jigsaw the same way they do on their desktop. By clicking the link provided by the host, or the one located in your LMS course or calendar invite, or by logging into one's Jigsaw account, a mobile browser will open to take the user to the session.

Jigsaw Virtual Learning Platform is best experienced on a screen size of 7” or greater. Smaller screen sizes may experience the following:

  • Some buttons (Session, attachments, login, etc.) may present a challenge activating
  • The list of available sessions will require scrolling after only a few are registered


Android Device:

  • OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat) or Newer
  • Browser: Most recent three versions of Google Chrome

Devices running the Android operating system will find that the Jigsaw mobile interface will not rotate automatically based upon the device's orientation.


Apple Device:

  • OS: iOS 12.2 or Newer
  • Browser: Safari
    • Most recent three versions of Safari
    • To update Safari on your iPad, visit Updating iPad.
  •  iPad Models:
    • 5th Generation (2017)
    • 6th Generation (2018)
    • Air 2
    • Air (2019)
    • Mini 2
    • Mini 3
    • Mini 4
    • Mini (2019)
    • 9.7-inch Pro
    • 10.5-inch Pro
    • 11-inch Pro
    • 12.9-inch Pro
    • 12.9-inch 2G Pro
    • 12.9-inch 3G Pro



You can always check your browser version by visiting What browser am I using?



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