Attendee Settings on a Tablet

Attendee List

Attendee Menu



Attendee List

This is where your session controls can be found.

Controls include:




Mute and Un-Mute Microphone

You can mute and un-mute your microphone using the microphone button next to your name.


It will turn green when active



You can also mute and un-mute your mic using the microphone button at the bottom of the session.

Not Active:






Start and Stop Web Cam

You can start and stop your webcam using the web cam button next to your name.


It will turn green when active.



You can also start and stop your web cam using the webcam button in Pane 1.

Not Active:






Send Direct Chat

If Direct Chat is enabled, you will see chat bubbles next to the names of everyone else in the session. Click on a bubble to send a direct message to that person.



The Chat window will change to show that you are now direct chatting with the person selected. Use the drop down arrow to toggle between the Main Chat room and direct chats.




Disabled Mic and Web Cam

When a web cam or mic is disabled it will appear solid gray with a line through it.




Clicking on the gear icon next to your name will open the Attendee menu.

Menu Options include:





Microphone Settings

Clicking this option opens a pop-over that allows you to change your microphone selection during the session.




Web Cam Settings

Clicking this option opens a pop-over that allows you to change your web cam settings during the session




Notifications Settings

Clicking this option opens a pop-over that allows you to change your notification settings during the session




Other Tools

Step Away

Allows you to step away from a session by setting your status to Away, while all other attendees see your status as Away.




Report a Bug

If you run into any bugs while in a session, you can use this button to report them. Provide as much information as possible and try to include a screenshot.




Go to Knowledge Base

This opens the Knowledge Base in a separate tab or window. The Knowledge Base is where you will find Help Articles on how to use the different tools in Jigsaw.



Refresh My Connection

Refreshes your connection. Use this if you have web cam or audio issues, or if you see a frozen screen share or presentation pane.



Exit Session

This allows you to exit the session.






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