How to Use Annotations on a Tablet (Attendee)

On Pane 2, you are able to markup a PowerPoint or Document using the Annotation tools.  These tools are permission-based so the host or co-presenter must turn them on in Pane 2 then grant attendees permission under the Global Attendee Options menu for attendees to use.

The annotating tools include:




The Selector tools is used to select an item that you have added to the presentation or document to either erase or edit it.  For example, if you have highlighted certain items on the screen and see one that you want to stand out more than the others, you activate the Selector tool then click that item to edit it. You can change the width of the highlight or pencil or change its color.





The Pencil tool lets you write or draw on presentations and documents.  You area able to customize the Pencil by changing the width and color of the marking that appears.






The Highlighter tool provides with you a way to markup text or images on a presentation or document that you feel are important to recall later.  You are able to customize the Highlighter by selecting a width and color.



Color Selection

When selecting a color for the Pencil or Highlighter, you have two options.  There is a color chart with basic colors and a color slider to customize the color in the shade of your choice.





The Eraser tool allows you to select an item you have placed on the screen then remove it.  This tool must be enabled separately from the Annotation Tools by the Host or Presenter under the Presentation or Document Options in Pane 2.  The Eraser icon will appear on the Annotation toolbar, but will not be available unless enabled by a Host or Presenter.



Save as PDF

You will be able to save any annotated Presentation or Document from Pane 2 as a PDF to your computer by clicking the Save as PDF icon on the Annotation Toolbar.  Depending on your tablet, your browser may request permission to save to your tablet and to access your media files.








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