Session Branding

Session Branding is available to any organization using Jigsaw.  For more information on how to add this to your Jigsaw package, contact your Sales Representative.

Jigsaw Interactive Session Branding Specifications:

#1 - Logo should be 560 x 167 or slightly larger and able to stand on a white background. SVG file is required.


#2 - Specify background color to use from your color RGB color palette for Landing Test and Logout Pages.




#3 – Same logo and able to stand on white background. SVG file is required.



#4 – From your RGB color palette provide two color options with your #1 and #2 choice for the “pane headers” which is the primary color for the application. 



#5 - When providing Jigsaw Interactive with your branding details, a complete RGB color palette is needed as well.




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