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Group Notes

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Q:  How long will notes be available in a session?

A:  Group notes will be available for 24 hours following a session.  Presenter and Personal Notes will remain available after 24 hours following the end of a session until they are deleted by the creator of the note or the Host/Co-Host.  All Notes will still be available in the Notes Report.



The Noteboard will allow Attendees to take notes at a Personal or Group level. Attendees will be able to export notes as a PDF for review.



There are character limitations to the Title and Body of the Note:

  • The Title has a limitation of 255 characters
  • The Body has a limitation of 5000 characters

Once you reach 255 characters in the Title, the Title field will stop allowing characters to be entered.  Once you reach 5000 characters in the body, you will receive the following error:  Note text is too long.  Limit:  5000




Group Notes

The Group Notes are visible to everyone (when Host/Co-Presenter has not enabled Hide Notes). If Hide Notes is enabled, the Attendee can see the notes s/he has added, as well as any the Host or Co-Presenter have added.

Please Note:  Group Notes will be automatically removed from the session 24 hours after the session has ended.




Personal Notes

The Personal Notes are private to the Attendee. Only the Attendee can see the notes that have been added under Personal Notes.  Personal Notes remain visible to the Attendee as long as the session is available (through the end date) unless deleted by the Attendee or the Host/Co-Host.

Click the down arrow in the heading of the Noteboard and select Personal Notes to switch views.





Create New Notes

1. Click the Create New Notes button to add a note to the Noteboard (this works in either Group or Personal Notes).



2. Enter a title (Optional).



3. Type the information to be put in the note. You can also format the text in the note, such as bold, italics, font choice. You can also cut and paste from other sources to put in the note and it will retain the formatting from the original source. Click Save Note to add the note or Cancel to not add note.




Edit Note

1. To edit a note, click the Edit Note (pencil) icon in the note inside Noteboard.



2. Edit the title and/or text of the note, the click Save Note. Click Cancel if not edits are needed.




Show More/Less

Click the Show More/Less icon to view more of the note or less of the note.




Delete Note

1. Click the Delete Note (trash can) icon to delete the note.



2. Click Yes to confirm or No to go back to the Noteboard without deleting the note.



Export as PDF

Attendees can export notes as a PDF to review later or to just keep track of any notes that were made during a session. 

1. Click the down arrow in the upper left of the Noteboard box. 

2. Click Export as PDF.



3. A preview of the Notes (Noteboard PDF Export) will appear.  Click Export as PDF to move to the final step.



4. The PDF settings window will appear.  Make sure you have the correct "Printer" selected.  If there is any text that has been highlighted, to make that appear select the Background Graphics option.  Then click Save.




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