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Asset Management




Host/Admin Tools


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Asset Management

Did you have to load media beforehand? For buffering?

Yes, assets are managed before the session begins. They’re selected and added to the session via the “Session Assets” tab in the Jigsaw menu. However, assets may be added on-the-fly while in an active live session.


If you allow students to insert images, can they just insert anything or is there a restriction?

They can insert anything if the whiteboard is unlocked for them.


Can proprietary file formats be used with Jigsaw?

Accepted file formats are:

  • Audio: mp3
  • Document: .csv, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .numbers, .pages
  • Image: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff
  • Presentation: .ppt, .pptx, .key
  • Video: .asf, .avi, .flv, .m4v, .mov, .mp4, and .wmv


Are PowerPoints considered assets?

Yes. An asset is any file used within a Jigsaw session.


Is there a character length max for naming the asset?

Yes – 200 characters.


If you delete an asset, does it delete it company-wide as well?

If the asset was shared at a Company level, yes. However, if the asset is private, no.




I cannot hear an attendee speak when they access the mic? Or their web cam is frozen?

This is most likely a connection issue on the attendee's end. Have the attendee "refresh media" connection by clicking on their name in the Attendee List then selecting Refresh Media Connection under Other Tools.




Are you able to know who wrote or typed what?

Yes. It’s listed in the main room of the chat box.


What about if they aren’t participating in the session, but they are chatting in the chat box. Does that count at participating?

Yes, it counts.


Can teachers see all private chats?



Can you see the direct chat history for the entire class at one time?

Yes, through the Direct Chat report you can see all the messages at once. Also, from inside the session, you can pull each chat transcript from the user’s individual attendee options.


Do reports include all group and private chats?



Are deleted chat messages recorded somewhere?

Yes, all chat messages are stored in the "Group Chat" or "Direct Chat" reports.


Can the moderator monitor the private chat?

Yes, the host can pull the transcript from the direct messages through the reports or from inside the session via the gear icon.




How do I remove the laughing emoji?

You can use "Clear Feedback" found under the Global Attendee Options or click on the feedback as a host to clear it individually.


Can a student/person raise their hand?

Yes. This is done by selecting the smiling emoji at the bottom of your session.



Host/Admin Tools

Can you pull a report that shows who did and did not click during a room check?

Yes, you can pull a report for it.


Is there the ability to step away (student goes to restroom, etc)?



If a room check is sent and a student is “away” will it log them out?



If the admin is invited to all sessions so they can go in for observations throughout the year, is there an easy way for those admin to see sessions since they will be invited to so many each week?

Yes, there is a way to pull that information as the admin – there is an impersonation feature that we can turn on for the account.


Can you change someone’s role after they’ve logged in?

Yes. Hosts and Co-presenters can.


Is there a maximum number of participants that can be in one session?



Is there a way for administration to monitor student attendance using their Student ID number?



In the presentation, are notes imported from Powerpoint or do you have to type them in Jigsaw?

They are imported when you upload the Powerpoint presentation.


Can you pause the recording?

Not at this time. When you stop the recording and start it again, it starts a new recording.


With breakout rooms, can students move themselves between the rooms?

They can only move themselves back to the main room from a break out room. They can not move themselves into a breakout room, only the host can move them from room to room.




Can each individual open session be recorded?



During the recording, do the names show?



Can you see who watched the recordings?

This feature is not available as of now.



System Requirements

Is there a preferred browser?

Google Chrome and Firefox are the required browsers.


What does the orange mean in the attendee list?

This means that person is experiencing a connection issue.

Where are the audio settings?

The audio settings are under the gear icon next to your name in the attendee pane.




If students go away from group to own whiteboard, can that be saved work?

Yes, they can save the whiteboard as a PDF.


Can the Host or teacher see the contents of an attendees/students "My Whiteboard"?

No, My Whiteboard is personal to each session attendee.




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