Version 4.9.864

Breakout Room Manager: When using the "Show Invitees", an update has been applied to correct the number of names listed in the Session Attendees to match those listed on the Session Invitation List.


If an attendee joins the Jigsaw session via a session link and has never created a Jigsaw Account Profile, their name correctly appears in the Breakout Room Session Attendee List.


Session Invitation List: When a Company Administrator is impersonating a Host account and adds that Host email to a session they created, a pop up message appears. This message alerts the Company Administrator that the Host's email is not necessary for the session invitation list.



Application Notification: We have added a notification pop up to alert you to system updates and other key information.



Phone Only Session: We have applied updates to correct a phone disconnect when attendees return from a breakout room to the main room. 


Released Assets:  Applied an update so that the Session Assets correctly displays the status of "released" assets.

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