Jigsaw 5 - Known Issues

Feature / Tool



Zooming is breaking the annotation - Fixed in version 0.4.5


Main Room Chat is not available in the toggle when you are direct chatting.


Current chat limit is 100 characters. - 2000 characters - Fixed in version 0.4.4

Document Assets

Doc and Docx are not working in session, only PDF at this time - Fixed in version 0.4.5

Joining Session

Pane 2 defaults to Screen Share not Presentations or Documents - Fixed in version 0.4.5

My Assets

Are not properly releasing for Co-Presenter and other attendees unless Refresh Assets is clicked.

Pane 3

Some instances, pane 3 will disappear even if images are added to the session. To make it reappear, simply maximize any other pane and then minimize it again. With these steps, pane 3 should reappear.

Presenter Image

The presenter image does not display for the Host or Co-Presenter. A Jigsaw Interactive logo is currently appearing.


If you remove a presentation while in the session and click refresh assets, you will get an application error message


Get "loading" when changing page.

Screen Share

Requires version 3.0.0-29 for the Jigsaw App

Screen Share

 Application Share does not work in Chrome

Web Cam

Black screen for web cam square in the filmstrip view. If you see a web cam icon green, but do not see the web cam in pane 1, manually resize pane 1 and the web cam should appear. This issue occurs in Firefox and Chrome.

Web Cam

If you see a black square for the web cam that is currently on, manually adjust the size of pane 1. When you adjust, the web cam should appear.

Web Cam

When web cam is on and a pane is maximized, the primary web cam should float to the bottom - known as the Overlay Web Cam. There is current issue with floating other web cams in the filmstrip view when more than one web cam is on.

Web Cam Settings

If a web cam that is located in the filmstrip is moved to the position of primary web cam due to the primary web cam disconnecting from the session, the new primary web cam person is not able to adjust their camera settings. The FPS will show 5 and no resolution.


* Select an item and hit “Delete” key, you will get kicked out of the session.

* Insert Screenshot does not work

* Undo can render odds results by resizing content on the whiteboard




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