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Creating a Session

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Creating a Session

  • From the homepage use the Create Session Button




  • You can also create a Session from the Session Manager Drop down




You can Join or Cancel a session from any of the Session edit pages using the buttons at the top-right of the page.




Session Details



Session Name

The name of the session.  This must be entered to continue on to the details of the session.



Session Mode

The session mode is the way the session will be conducted.  There are two modes available.



Live - Synchronous Session - Requires a Host and/or Presenter to be in the session.

On-Demand - Asynchronous Session (add on feature) - Allows any attendee 24/7 access.  This is not a live session.  This mode does not require a Host and/or Presenter presents and all live collaboration tools are disabled.  For more information regarding On-Demand Sessions, visit J5 - OnDemand Sessions.



Session Type 

The session type is the type, or frequency, of the session.  There are three types available.



One Time - Session meets one time on specific date and time.

Open - This spans over a date range and time.  It creates one session that is open during the designated date and time.

Recurring - This spans over a date range and time and creates multiple recurring instances vs. a single session.

Recurring Master is where all assets and attendees can be uploaded.  Asset or Attendee changes made here will update all Recurring Instances.  Asset or Attendee changes made at the Recurring Instance only updates the specific Recurring Instance.



Session Date

Defines the date of the session.  Open and Recurring types require a Start and End date.




Open and Recurring: 




Session Time

The time the session is to start and end.  Sessions may exceed the end time if attendees are currently in it.  However, no one may join beyond the end date and time unless the Can Be Joined Until date has been extended.




Expiration Date

Sets the date that the session will expire.  Allows attendees to join the session from the Past Sessions tab until this date.




Enforce Start Time - Every Day

This option will enforce the start time every day for a Live -- Open Session.  This means that if you have the session set up for a certain time but attendees cannot join until 10 minutes before, this will be the setting for every day that session is set up.



Attendees can join session early

This option allows you to set a limit on how early an Attendees can join the session.



  • Any individual who has been invited to the session with only the Attendee role does not see join buttons until the set amount of time prior to the session's start time.
  • If they attempt to join during that window and the Host and/or a Presenter is not already in the session, they will get a session countdown timer.
  • If the Host and/or a Presenter is already in the session, the attendee may join.



Invite Options

The Invite Options allows you to select how to invite attendees to the session.  There are three options available.



Invitation List: Only Invited Attendees - Host must add attendee's email to the session invitation list

Session Link: Password Required - Open to anyone with the the session link and the individual will be required to enter their Jigsaw Profile Password

Session Link: Password NOT Required - Open to anyone with the session link



Session Link and Outlook Invite (Session Link Type Only)

The session Link is automatically generated.  You can copy it by clicking the Copy button to give to attendees.



An Outlook invite can also be generated and given to attendees.




Expiration Date and Time(Session Link Type Only)

This sets a Date and Time the link will expire.




Contact Phone and Contact Email

Add the phone number or E-Mail address to allow attendees to contact for questions or followup.




Special Instructions

The information typed here appears on the session email invitation.




Send Email Reminder

This feature generates an automated E-Mail reminder at a preset time prior to the session start day and time.

  • When email ID is added to the Session Invitation List, an automated email reminder may be scheduled a specific number of hours or days in advance of the session start date and time.




Once all the session details are set, select Step 2 (Settings)





Session Settings 





This refers to the layout of a session.  Jigsaw offers a two- and four-pane arrangement.




Defaults the session to show Pane 1 (Videos/Webcam) and Pane 2 (Presentations) only


Defaults the session to show all 4 panes




Sets the audio option for the attendees in the Session.



Use Computer Microphone

Allows only Computer Audio to be used in the session.  There are two options when allowing Computer Audio:

  • Allow Only One Microphone - Allows only one microphone to be in use at a time
  • Allow Multiple Microphones - Allows multiple microphones to be used at the same time


Use Jigsaw Conference Line (Add-on)

Prompts users to dial in to access the Session audio

  • Dial in numbers can be set for the US Only or for US and International numbers
  • Keep Audio in phone is an option to make sure all audio (even sound from videos and audio files) go through the phone and not the computer
  • Session Code is generated automatically


Use Computer and Jigsaw Conference Line

Allows both Computer Audio and Jigsaw Conference Line Audio in the same session

  • Numbers Available allows you to select the dial-in numbers to use
  • Unlock Phone is available for Host/Co-Presenter or all Attendees.  This determines who has access to the phone audio option.
  • Session Code is generated automatically


Use External Audio Source

If you have an external audio option, you will enter the instructions here.



Settings Options

These options can be preset prior to attendees entering a session.  All, except the Auto Start/End Recording, appearance of the name, and the whiteboard size, can be changed once inside the session.

This group of options allows you to: 
  • Lock Group Notes - Locks the Group note feature in the session
  • Lock Group Chat - Locks the Group chat feature in the session
  • Lock Direct Chat - Locks the Direct (private) chat feature in the session
  • Auto Start/End Recording - Set this to automatically begin recording as soon as the host or presenter joins the session and stop recording as soon as the last host or presenter leaves the session.  The recording cannot be stopped by anyone during the session.
  • Names appear - Choose how names appear in the attendee pane.
    • Options are:
      • First Name, Last Name
      • First Name, Last Initial
      • First Name Only
  • Whiteboard Size - Sets the size of the whiteboard.
    • Options are:
      • 1920x1080
      • 1366x768
      • 1280x1024
      • 1024x768



Room Check Options

Room checks are an accountability tool available to the current Host or Presenter within a live session.



  • Should be applied toDetermines who room checks should apply to
    • Everyone - Everyone in the session
    • Just Attendees - Excludes Host and Presenters
  • How long do attendees have to respond to room check - Sets the length of time the room check is active
  • Automatically start room check if attendee is idle for more than - Will send an automated room check if attendee is idle for longer than the set time



Schedule Follow Up with

Add the E-Mail address for attendees to schedule a follow up with the host or presenter.





Session Attendees

Once all the session attendees are set, select Step 4 (Attendees)






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