Chat (Attendee View)

Main Room Chat

Direct Chat



Main Room Chat

Messages sent out in the Main Room Chat appear for everyone in the session to see.


In the Side Panel, type your message in the Main Room Chat pane and press Enter.



Delete or edit any chat that you post by selecting the corresponding icons to the left of the message.


Maximize the chat pane for you or unpin the chat pane to resize using the icons in the upper right of the chat pane.



To close the unpinned chat pane and re-pin it to the session, click on the "X" to close the browser window.




Direct Chat

If the host has enabled the feature, you can send direct messages to attendees in your session.  The Direct Message icon is found in the Attendee pane to the right of each attendee's name.


Click on the icon to send a direct message.



The Main Room chat pane switches to your direct chat for you to type and send your message.



Switch between Main Room Chat and the direct message from the drop down menu.  You can also close your direct message by clicking on the Direct Message icon again in the attendee pane.



When someone sends you a direct message the icon beside their name in the attendee pane changes to a gray square direct message icon.  Open the direct message by clicking on the icon.




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