Pane 3 (Attendee View)


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Pane 3 allows Attendees to view images which have been uploaded and Assessments which have been released by the Host or Co-Presenter.





To view images in a four-pane session, locate and select images from Pane 3's menu. If this option is not available it means no images were uploaded to the session by the Host.



Maximize me allows an attendee to adjust Pane 3 to enable for a full-screen view of the images that are available in the session.



You can switch between Grid view and Film Strip view by selecting an option from the menu at the top left-hand corner of Pane 3.



Below is a demonstration of how Film Strip in "Horizontal" view appears to an attendee.



Below is a demonstration of how Film Strip in "Vertical" view appears to an attendee.



When the Host or Co-Presenter unlocks the Whiteboard, Attendees can insert images from Pane 3 onto the Whiteboard. An unlocked whiteboard (from the Attendee's perspective) is indicated by the available toolbar in Pane 4. You can learn more about Pane 4 by visiting J5 - Pane 4 (Attendee View).


To insert an image to the whiteboard, you will need to select the image from Pane 3, then click the Insert to Whiteboard option once the whiteboard has been unlocked by the Host or Co-Presenter.




Also, located in Pane 3 are Assessments.  If the Host or Co-Host has released Assessments in the session, they will be located here.  The menu for Assessments will only appear if the Host/Co-Host has released at least one Assessments.

To access Released Assessments:

1. Click the menu icon in Pane 3 and

2. Select Assessments



3. Click the Take Assessment button next to the name of the Assessment to complete.



4. Once completed, the See Assessment (the Eye icon) will appear next to the name of the Assessment.





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