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"Bring Back PDF" Naming Convention



The Breakout Room Manager allows the Host and/or Co-Presenter the ability to:

  • Create one or more breakout rooms in advance of the session
  • Assign invited attendees in advance of the session
  • Auto assign available attendees and automatically assign between rooms
  • Move and bring back attendees with one click for one or all rooms
  • Bring back Chat, Group Whiteboard and Group Notes without closing the room
  • Leave rooms open and hold all attendee assignments for the next session
  • Edit existing room arrangement, tools used and attendee assignments
  • Last, and certainly not least, unpin the room manager from the session




The Host and Co-Presenter have the ability to create and manage breakout rooms using the Breakout Room Manager window. This can only be done by one person at a time. For example, if the Co-Presenter is setting up the Breakout Rooms, the Host cannot set up Breakout Rooms at the same time.

From the Global Attendee's Options, choose Manage Breakout Rooms.



  • Total number of rooms - Choose the number of breakout rooms you wish to create. (Max is 20)
  • Room name - The name typed in this field populates across the total number of rooms you are adding
  • Settings - these are common to the total number of rooms you are adding.


Note: Room names and settings may be edited after they have been added.



Arrangement - Determines the panes to use in the rooms you are adding.



Use Tools - Based on the arrangement chosen, determines which tools that are enabled for use in the breakout rooms. For example a Two Pane with Whiteboard automatically enables the "Whiteboard" but the "Chat" and "Webcams" are optional.



Save as PDF - Based on the tools enabled, choose to save a PDF copy of "Chat", "Notes" and "Whiteboard".



Close Room - Host or Co-Presenter may close the rooms manually or based on timer. When using timer, the time starts once the room is created. The time may be increased, but the default is 10 minutes.



Record Room - If this is checked, the room will start recording automatically when the first attendee is moved into the room.



When a room is set to "auto record", the recording is stopped when the room no longer has any attendees in it. And, the Recording Name = Room Name and the Recorded By = The first attendee moved into the room.

Once you have selected all settings, choose Create Now.



This will immediately create the rooms and add them to your session as well as in your breakout room manager window.



Once the rooms have been created, you're automatically moved to the Edit Rooms window. This is where you will refine individual room settings and attendee assignments, as well as, execute rooms Actions for movement and bring back of attendees and PDF files.

You will notice helpful expandable tips to the right of the Room Name, Actions and Attendees grid. Click the black triangle to expand.





Select the room by clicking the circle to the left of the room name.

Click the room name to edit the name. Once you have typed the new name, simply click out of the field. Your edited name will appear in red. This is to alert you to Save Changes.







Next, if you want to modify the room settings, select the room and the Settings tab for that room.

Be sure to Save Changes.



Note - If attendees are already in your room, they will be returned to the Main Room so that the new breakout room settings can be updated. Simply move them back into the breakout room once all changes have been saved.




Now, you need to assign attendees into the breakout room.

Select the room and then select the Attendees tab for that room.

The area below is arranged with the Session Attendees (Left) and Room Attendees (Right). This is where you will assign Invitees and/or Attendees already in the session.



To show all Invitees (emails that are added to the session Invitation List) place a check in Show Invitees.

The names in bold are those attendees who are already in the session. The regular font are those who have been invited but are not currently in the session.

Note: the only names that will not appear in the Session Attendees are the Host, Co-Presenter, and Captioner. These individuals will move themselves into the breakout room manually (drag and drop from the session attendee list).



You will also notice a filter for quick view of attendees not currently assigned to a breakout room.



To assign attendees to a room, select the attendee(s) and click the green right arrow to assign to the room.



Once all attendees have been assigned to the selected room, the names show under Room Attendees.

Be sure to click Save Changes for these to go into effect.



Note: Mic settings transfer with the Attendee.  Whatever state the mic is in when the Attendee is transferred from one room is how the mic will be set when arriving in the other room.  For example:  Peter's mic is active in the main room so it will be active when entering the Breakout room.



The Room Actions are specific to all rooms or an individually selected room. This is an extremely simple and immediate 'one-click' solution for moving attendees into and out of breakout rooms. It also allows the bring back of PDF files without needing to close a breakout room. However, if the Host and/or Co-Presenter choose to close a room, all PDFs are brought back to the Main Room by default.



The Attendees column shows the number of attendees currently assigned to all of the rooms or an individually selected room.



To randomly auto assign available attendees (those not already assigned to a room) select All Rooms and click the Auto Assign wizard.



When you are ready to move attendees to rooms, either select All Rooms or the individual room where you wish to move them and click the Move Attendees icon.



When this happens, the attendees are immediately moved into the breakout room(s). The Host and/or Co-Presenter will see this happen in their Attendee window.



And, to return all attendees to the Main Room, click the Bring Back Attendees icon.



Likewise, an immediate action is taken and the attendee(s) are returned to the Main Room.


The Drag and Drop method of moving attendees is still available from within the Main Room.




Once you have the Breakout Rooms created and your attendees are assigned and moved to their Breakout Room, you now need to be able to move yourself in and out of them as well.

1. Click and hold the mouse down over your name in the Attendees List.

2. Drag your name over the name of the BOR you need to enter and release the mouse.



To move back to the Main Room:

1. Click and hold the mouse down over your name in the Attendees List

2. Drag your name over the Main Room and release the mouse.





Once breakout rooms have been created, add additional rooms by clicking the Add New Rooms button



Choose the number of rooms to add. Newly added rooms will inherit the settings of the most recently added rooms.

Click the Add Now button for the rooms to appear.



Once the new rooms are added, you will see the Edit Rooms window active again.

Scroll the mouse to see all rooms.



Follow the same procedures for editing room names, settings, and assigning attendees.




Auto Record Functionality

  • First attendee moved into the room is the "recorded by"
  • Recording is paused when room until the room is closed.

Manual Record Functionality

  • Host will need to move into each room to start and stop the recording.




Room Name_YearMonthDay_HourMinuteSecond_Name of Bring Back (Pane/Window)




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