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The Attendee List is the main area within the Jigsaw session where session attendees may turn on and off their microphones and web cams as well as initiate chats with other session attendees.

It is located in the Side Panel directly below the Jigsaw or your session branded logo.



If the host has enabled the direct chat feature you can send messages to attendees in your session. The direct message icon is found in the Attendee pane to the right of each attendee's name.



When you select the direct message icon to send a message, the main room chat pane switches to the direct chat.



When an attendee receives a direct message the icon changes from a round clear direct message icon to a square gray icon and appears by the name of the attendee that sent the message.




Switch between the Main Room Chat and the direct message from the drop down menu in the chat pane. You can also close your direct message by clicking on the direct message icon again in the attendee pane.






Allow Multiple Mics / Allow One Mic - You are simply going to love this option!

When you are using computer audio, the session audio will be managed in a very "controlled" audio environment by using "Allow One Mic" or a more conversational approach by using "Allow Multiple Mics".

When "Allow One Mic" is selected, only one person may engage the microphone at a time.

The person who is speaking will have a green microphone to the right of their name and the tool tip is noted as "talking".



When one microphone is allowed and engaged, the other session attendees will see a busy microphone.


When "Allow Multiple Mics" is selected, all session attendees may simultaneously engage their microphones.

This allows for a more conversational audio method while giving attendees the flexibility to "mute" and "unmute" their microphones at will by simply clicking the green or gray microphone to the right of their name or in the session toolbar.




Best Practice Tip: If an attendee is not speaking, they should "mute" their mic.


Lock / Unlock Phone - This option is available when the following conditions are satisfied:

The customer has added Universal Phone Support to their account.

The audio method for the session settings has been set to use phone option.

When the phone is "unlocked" attendee's will see a pop up audio window with the session phone number, session and attendee code information.

Disable / Enable Web Cams - This option allows the Host and Co-Presenter the ability to allow attendees to start their web cams in the session.

If web cams are currently running and the Host or Co-Presenter selects "disable" web cam, the web cam is immediately "stopped" and the attendee cannot restart the web cam until it has been "enabled" again by the Host or Co-Presenter.

When it is disabled, the web cam icon is solid gray and with a line through it.




Several enhancements have been that will allow for more effective viewing of the attendee feedback.

Feedback remains until it is cleared by the Host or Co-Presenter.

Feedback can be cleared individually by simply clicking on icon to the right of the attendee's name.























Now, let's take a look at the individual attendee Settings from the perspective of the Host.



Attendee's Settings





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