J5 - Web Camera, Microphone and Speaker Tips


Before Joining Your Session

Before entering a session you can test your camera, microphone and speakers ensuring they are ready to be used in a Jigsaw session.




Click Test Camera to allow your camera.


Select your camera from the drop-down list, and click "Allow".



Once you allow your camera, the "Test Camera" changes to "Stop Camera" and the camera is enabled.


Note: Your Camera will be turned OFF when you join in the session.



By clicking the gear icon, you can further adjust the web camera settings such as camera selected, frames per second or resolution.




Click Test Microphone to allow your microphone.



Select your microphone from the drop-down list, and click "Allow".



Once you allow your microphone, the "Test Microphone" changes to "Stop Microphone" and the microphone is enabled. Begin speaking to test if your voice is detected. If the microphone is working, you will see the green bar fluctuate.



Click Test Speaker for confirmation that sound is played through your default speaker.




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