Pane 3: Available Tools

Pane 3 allows the Host and Co-Presenter to display Image files while in session. The allowed file types that can be displayed are .gif, .jpeg, .png, .tif, and tiff.


Images are available for view in a four-pane session. If images have been added to the session, they will appear in the session in grid view.



To enlarge an image, click on a thumbnail and the Image Preview will appear. You can then add the image to the group whiteboard, using the "Insert to Whiteboard" button.



The Host has the ability to change the view from Grid, Film Strip Horizontal, and Film Strip Vertical under the Images view option drop-down.




Grid View



 Film Strip Horizontal 



 Film Strip Vertical 



Maximize All is a form of "follow me" that allows the Host to take everyone to the same location in the session. By clicking Maximize All in Pane 3, all participants will be focused on Images.



Maximize me allows the Host to adjust Pane 3 individually to allow for a custom view of the images.






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