Pane 1: Available Tools

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Play Recorded Audios

Play Recorded Videos

Live Stream Web Cams

Overlay Web Cam

Personal Web Cam Recording


Play Recorded Audios

In Pane 1, select Audio to pull up the list of audio files that have been uploaded into the session.



Select the audio file and click the Play button.



To Download an audio file, click the Download button to save file to a location on your computer.



Use the on-screen tools to control the audio file as found in image below.



Play Recorded Video Files

In Pane 1, select Video to pull up the list of pre-recorded video files that have been uploaded into the session.



Select the video file and click the Play button.



To Download a video file, click the Download button to save file to a location on your computer.



Use the on-screen tools to control the video as found in image below.



Live Stream Web Cams

Click the solid gray web cam (shown with line through it) to invite a participant to start their web cam.  It is found to the right of the participant's name.



Once the web cam is hollow Hollow.png, the participant can navigate to Pane 1, and click the camera button to start their web cam.



When the web cam is on, the camera icon turns green and can be seen by all Attendees.



When more than one camera is on the primary camera will be displayed at the top. Other cams will display in a horizontal filmstrip mode. Only the Host and Co-Presenter controls which camera is the primary.



When 6 cameras are actively streaming, the seventh camera will enable a scrolling option which will appear at the bottom right and left areas of Pane 1.



Click the Full Screen icon to place the top level camera as the primary camera in focus.



The other cameras will become hidden from the horizontal filmstrip and the main focus will be placed on the primary camera.



To Exit full Screen click the icon below. It will return the primary camera to the top position and the hidden cameras will appear in at the bottom in horizontal film strip mode again.



You can also view the cameras in Grid View once there are at least two cameras turned on and showing in Pane 1.  Click the Pull Down menu in the upper left of Pane 1 and select Grid

12 Cameras are viewable at one time when in Grid View.



PLEASE NOTE:  There is a maximum of 50 Web Cams that can be turned on in a single room at one time.


Overlay Web Cam

While in the top primary camera position, the Maximize All feature found in Panes 1, 2, 3 and 4 will turn the primary camera into an overlay web cam. The web cam will be located on the bottom left corner. Once Maximize all is released, the primary camera will return back to its position in Pane 1.





Personal Web Cam Recording

Personal Web Cam Recording is an add-on features that allows the presenter to record live web cams.  This was previously known as Role-Play Recording.  To learn more, visit Personal Web Cam Recording in Pane 1.

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