Dashboard Panel: O/S Used


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The O/S Used panel displays the Operating System used by participants who have joined Sessions.



Drill-Down to see "Operating System Details"

Hover over the "i" (information) icon, then click on the link that appears... 



Clicking the link will open the "O/S Detail Usage" drill-down dashboard.

Note: Any filters applied to the main dashboard will be inherited by this one.



Note: This dashboard shows very detailed versions of each Device and/or O/S that was used. The graph itself shows the numbers on a daily basis, and the totals can be seen in the Legend.



Additional filters (and even a different date range) can be applied on this dashboard. For example, to see only "Windows" info, select "Windows" from the "O/S" filter.




Included on this drill-down dashboard, is a table at the bottom that shows the Participant/Attendees for each Session along with their O/S detail information.


This information can be exported to a CSV/Excel spreadsheet.

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