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The menu bar is home to the following four icons: Session Manager, Asset Manager, Attendee Manager, and the User Icon.

Session Manager is where you can look at your session list, create a new session, or clone a session.



Asset Manager is where you'd go to add assets to the asset library or to your session. Assets include but are certainly not limited to: presentations, mp3, jpeg, Excel sheets, Word docs, and surveys.

Attendee Manager is home to the Attendee Database. You can see an existing list of attendees for your company and you can add more from here as well.

The User icon is where you'll find your profile, test my computer, the help button, and then button to log off.




i (Information)

This is a direct link to our Knowledge Base.







By clicking this symbol, you will be taken to the filtering screen:



Here, you can sort through your sessions using these filters.




My Sessions

The My Sessions screen has three tabs:



The Upcoming tab the default tab of Jigsaw Interactive's Home screen. This tab will show all current and upcoming sessions you have been invited to or have created.




These are the options that you may see under your sessions. All sessions you've been invited to will have Join Session and Add to Calendar. The Edit Session button will only show if you're a Host, Co-Host, or Presenter to that session. The Report button will only show if you are a Host for that session.




Also available on the My Sessions screen for each session that you create or are a Co-Host for sessions you created is the Click to Copy option.  The link to the session is available to the right of the Session buttons on the My Sessions screen.  Click the link to be able to paste it in places such as email messages.




The Past tab will show all sessions that have expired and are no longer open for joining. Reports are still available for these sessions.





The Recorded tab will show all sessions that you were apart of that have been recorded. Recording options include: Watch Now, Download, Share, and Delete.






By clicking the arrows, you can cycle through pages if you have multiple pages under a tab.




My Sessions Sorter

The arrangement on the Upcoming, Past, and Recorded tabs can be sorted and saved on the My Sessions screen. 

1. Select the Sort View from the drop down menu.

2. Click the ribbon next to the Sort drop down menu to save.


3. The ribbon will turn a solid white indicating the view has saved.



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