Dashboard Panel: Attendee Time Spent (in minutes)


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The Attendee Time Spent (in minutes) panel displays the number of minutes spent by task, by Attendees.




To remove pie slices, click one or more of the tasks listed to remove it from the pie chart.



In the example below, notice "Stepped Away", "My Videos", "Sharing Desktop" and "Sharing App" displays in gray and are no longer visible in the pie chart. To make those task active in the pie chart, simply click each one and it will display again.




Drill-Down to see "Session Assets Used"

Hover over the "i" (information) icon, then click on the link that appears... 



This will take you to the "Session Assets Used" drill-down dashboard. It shows all of the typical Session information, as well as the Attendee who interacted with the Asset, the Type of Asset, and the "Name" of the Asset

On this drill-down dashboard, you can also filter for a specific "Asset Type"...



You can also export this list to a CSV/Excel file.




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