How to Allow Web Cam and Microphone with MacOS Mojave

Previous iterations of MacOS let you set permissions for apps accessing your location, contacts, photos, calendar and reminders. MacOS Mojave adds the camera and microphone to the app permissions panel. You can easily review which apps have permission to access your Mac's webcam or microphone by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and click the Privacy tab at the top. In the left panel, you'll see the usual suspects: Location Services, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders and Photos. Below those are two new items on the list: Camera and Microphone.

Click on either and you'll see a list of which apps have asked to use your camera or microphone. Check the boxes for those apps (browsers) to which you want to grant access, and uncheck the boxes for the apps you don't. You can make changes to either list without needing to click the lock in the lower-left corner, which makes it easy to jump in and grant access.


Before, only the browsers would require permission for camera/mic access, but now, MacOS actually requires the "browsers themselves" to have your permission to your camera/mic first.

When you "attempt" to use the mic/camera in the browser, and only then does the browser appear in the list, so you can grant access. So, when Jigsaw first starts to enter a session, you will see a notification like this (any you must click "OK")…


Then, if you try to start your camera, you will see a similar notification (you must click "OK")…


If you accidentally click "Don't Allow", you can just open your Preferences, click on "Security & Privacy", select "Camera" (or "Microphone") and click the checkbox next to your browser:


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