Pane 2: How To Use Presentations


Presentation Assets are added to the session from the Asset Library.

The accepted file types are:  .ppt, .pptx and .key

When adding a Presentation asset, the file uploads and is converted so that it display in a Jigsaw session. So, depending upon the file size and your bandwidth, upload and conversion times vary for each user.



Note: The tools shared below are available only to the Host and/or Co-Presenter except for the Resize which is available to all session attendees. 


Once the Presentation asset has been added to the session, it is immediately available in Pane 2 > Presentation.

An "Awaiting" status means the file is currently in the conversion process. As reminder, depending upon the file size and your bandwidth, upload and conversion times vary for each user. 

Once the file has converted and ready to open within the Jigsaw session, the "Ready For Use" status is displayed.



To open a file for viewing, simply select the name of the file and click the "Open" button.



Zoom/Fit controls are available to Host and Co-Presenter only. And, when used are only seen by that person.


Follow Me enlarges the pane for all users in the session. This tool is available to the Host and Co-Presenter only. Use this tool when you want to draw all attendee's attention to that area.



Resize allows anyone in the session to personally minimize or maximize the size of the pane being viewed.


Annotations - This is where the Host and/or Co-Presenter turns "on" or "off".

A laser pointer is available for the Host or Co-Presenter. Simply click to activate the laser and left click mouse and hold to use it.

To move between pages, click the back or forward arrows or enter a page number to move directly to a specific page.

If your file has notes added, click the Notation View icon to see the notes.

The notes are visible in the bottom of pane 2 


To "unpin" the notes from pane 2 to a new window, click the "Unpin" icon.


The Jigsaw - Presentation Notes window is opened, and you can move it anywhere on your desktop.


To view thumbnails of the slides in the file, click the Slide View icon

The Host or Co-Presenter may change pages by clicking on the thumbnail of the slide.

The page selected will be bordered with a red box as well as shown in the bottom toolbar

You can still move pages by using "back" and "forward" icons or directly entering the page number.


To "unpin" the slides from pane 2 to a new window, click the "Unpin" icon which is located in the top right corner of the slides.


When "unpinned" the Jigsaw - Slide Selector window is opened, and it may be moved anywhere on your desktop. Clicking on the slide will change the page in the session.


To open a different file, click on the "Presentation List" button to move back to the list of assets available in the session.


Click the "Back To Presentation View" button to toggle back to the active presentation. 


The "Released" column, shares the file with all session attendees and is viewable and controllable via pane 4 as My Presentations.




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