Attendees Menu: How to Unlock Phone Audio

Integrated Phone Audio - For accounts using Jigsaw’s Integrated Phone Audio, we have added the ability for the host to require that each participant try the computer-based VoIP before being presented with a phone-based call in number.



Integrated Phone Audio

From Session Settings > Audio Method > Computer and Phone choose:

For All Attendees - When joining the session, phone audio is unlocked for everyone (regardless of role) and they have the option to choose "computer" or "phone" audio.

For Host and Current Presenter - When joining the session, phone audio is unlocked for the Host or, if a Host is not in the session, the Current Presenter. However, phone audio is locked for all other session attendees. When this option is selected, attendees automatically default to computer audio. However, the Host and/or Current Presenter may unlock audio for any or all attendees from within the session.



To Unlock Audio From Within The Session

Attendee's Menu > Unlock Phone for All - This option unlocks the phone audio for all attendees in the session with just a click.


Attendee's Options > Unlock Phone - This option unlocks the phone audio per attendee.

When phone audio is unlocked, a pop up window with the phone call-in information will appear.


And, Phone Settings appears in the attendee's Setting menu.


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