Version 4.9.834

  • Enhancement added to auto update the Dashboard data.
  • Applied a Screen Share optimization that will detect viewers who are experiencing latency issues and auto adjust their web cam or screen share frame rate so that less viewing bandwidth is required. 
  • Increased the size of the "Choose Audio" window to render five telephone numbers before scrolling.
  • Updated country flag icons in the "Choose Audio" window.

  • In Firefox, we applied a fix to the Session Participants page that shows an active "Group" window when viewing the member list.

  • Chrome requires browser users to "allow" their Flash plugin each you open Chrome.

  • Corrected the push pin location on the session map to accurately reflect the location on the user's profile.

Note - if the location did not auto update, you can manual update by doing the following:

1. Exit session
2. Edit profile
3. Click "Save" profile
4. Wait two minutes and rejoin session

When you rejoin, the location on the map will be as listed in your Jigsaw Profile.



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